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Fashion Grunge feature with A Little too Serious

April 24, 2018

Photography: Nao Ashidachi @nao_ashidachi

Model: Izuki @izuki

Fashion: A Little Too Serious @alittletooserious000

Designer: @seckey0048

Grunge'n' Art "Swept away by water"

April 08, 2018

fashion grunge feature

November 30, 2017

In the streets of Tokyo this series of Izuki by Nao Ashidachi reads like a 1970s punk flashback. I’m especially loving the plaid skirt and cinematic scenes.

Grunge'n' Art "Naughty Cutie"

Grunge'n' Art "Lonely Princess"

model Chica Haneda

Grunge'n' Art "I'm just OK without you"

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